• Dayna Ellen

ceramic bone / softly

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

This last year I had the pleasure of creating a custom piece for the collection of a dear friend. Her thoughts were simple and clear; neutral and geometric clean lines. Initially inspired by macrame work, I was tasked with creating tapestry piece that reflected the airiness and warmth of rope in a navajo pattern. A mood board emerges, sifting through other craft practices with texture, palette and design to inspire a new piece. The speckled ceramics and the geometric macrame were foundational in the development of CERAMIC BONE / SOFTLY. I am learning more and more to be comfortable with a purely aesthetic and abstract concept in my work. Letting fibre speak. Allowing the movement of weaving to become prayer in the process of a laborious piece. That within the work, a sacred space exists, transcendental from my heart to another. That the love of Christ is entwined in the weft and warp.

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